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Malin Kundang story telling – English Version

Malin Kundang story telling - English Version
Malin Kundang story telling - English Version

Malin Kundang story telling, Hello how are you friends, this time I want to tell you about the legend of Indonesian society, that is about Malin Kundang.

Malin Kundang story telling

Once upon a time, there lived a small family in the coastal areas of the island of Sumatra. They have a boy named Malin Kundang. Because the condition of their family is very worrying, do not buy clothes, to eat it they are difficult. That’s the main reason his father decided to find a job to the country across.

Great hope of malin and his mother, one day his father came home with lots of money, to buy daily necessities, and repair his hut. After months, Malin’s father did not come, Malin and his mother were very disappointed.

After Malin grew up, he became a handsome and sturdy young man. Malin thinks to find a job in a land across the country, with the same hope that when he returns to his hometown, he has become a rich man. Finally Malin sailed along with a successful merchant shipbuilder in his village.

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While on board, Malin studied the science of sailing his friends. Malin studied diligently about shipbuilding, and finally he was very good at shipping.

Many islands have been visited, until one day in the middle of the journey, suddenly the ship that climbed Malin in attack by pirates. All the possessions were seized, some of the crew were killed by pirates.. Malin was fortunate that he was not murdered by pirates, as he hid in a small room covered with wood.

Malin floated in the middle of the sea, until finally the ship that was aboard was stranded on the beach. With the remaining energy, Malin walked to the nearest village from the beach. Malin was helped by the community in the village after telling him about what happened to him.

The village where Malin was stranded was a very fertile village. With his tenacity and persistence at work, Malin managed to become a rich man. It has many merchant ships with more than 100 men. After becoming successful and wealthy, Malin married a girl.

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Malin and his wife sailed around the world for their honeymoon. Finally he arrived at an island where he was born. Everyone who remembers her tells her mother.

With a very happy heart, his mother brought Malin’s favorite food, but unfortunately he did not recognize his mother. The old woman was expelled because he was ashamed of his wife.

Disappointed with his son, his mother condemns Malin to stone. The mighty Malin Kundang eventually became a stone

-The end- Friends, I’m sorry if the English is bad

Thanks for reading – Malin Kundang story telling

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