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Singapore History, Story of Sang Nila Utama (Merlion)

Singapore History, Story of Sang Nila Utama
Singapore History, Story of Sang Nila Utama

Singapore History Story of Sang Nila Utama. In ancient times, there lived a king named “Sang Nila Utama”. King Nila Utama has a hobby of hunting animals. He really liked the beautiful natural scenery. The king heard about the natural beauty of Tanjung Bentam island. The king then decided to hunt there.

The royal commander said, “On the island of Tanjung Bentam, there is a very large Deer, until now no one can catch it.” Feeling challenged, the King said, “tomorrow we go deer hunting on Tanjung Bentam Island. Prepare supplies and expert archery soldiers.”

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Raja Nila Utama went to Tanjung Bentam island using a large ship. Arriving on the island, all immediately went to the forest to hunt. When in the forest, the royal army saw a very large deer running. King Nila Utama immediately chased the deer. But unfortunately, deer runners are very fast, then disappear into the forest.

Because of exhaustion, the King and the guards took a break on the hill. From the top of the hill, Raja saw there was a very beautiful island across the island of Tanjung Bentam.

The king did not continue hunting deer, then decided to sail to the island. Upon arrival on the beautiful island, the King strolled around the island. Until finally, the King was focused on a dashing animal. King Nila Utama has never seen the animal before.

Sang Nila Utama Storyboard
Sang Nila Utama Storyboard |

“What animal is that?” Asked the King to his guards.

“That is the Lion, Your Majesty. “The lion does look beautiful, but it is a wild animal, if you want to approach it you have to be careful,” explained the Commander.

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Raja Nila Utama, was very happy with the beauty of the island. He decided to live on the island. “I want to live on this beautiful island. You build a city on this island for us to live. I will give this city the name ‘Singa Pura’,” said the king.

That’s the folklore from Singapore. “Pura” in the story above is “city” So Singapore means ‘city of lions’. Now this is symbolized by the Merlion statue. Thank you for reading, Singapore History, Story of Sang Nila Utama, hopefully useful.

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