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Story book about a snowman

Story book about a snowman. Snowman are puppets made of snow. Winter occurs in December to February.

Hello, this is my family. This is Father, Mother, Grandma, and Me. We all gathered in front of the house to make snowman.

Cheerfully and happily, we have all arranged 3 snowballs to make snowman. This is the initial stage of making snowman

My father got his first turn, to make a mouth, and put a scarf around his neck

My grandmother got a second turn, to make his eyes. Grandma does it carefully

My mother got my third turn, to put a hat on his head. My mom also did it carefully.

Finally, the snowman is done, what do you think?

Thanks for reading “Story book about a snowman”

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Moral Values: Don’t forget to spend the time with your family and have fun with them.

About the Writer:

Yemima is 5 years old girl who loves to read and write. she loves to spend her time reading many books.

This story is her interpretation that she is doing a fun activity, making a snowman with her family.

She wrote and illustrated the story all by herself. Her mom only did the editing to the pictures. Enjoy!

Suitable for 2-5 years old.

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